Installation support

Pre-planning is key to successful lighting installation. We want designers, installers and specifiers to be satisfied that everything went according to plan with no unwanted complications, causing delay in project delivery.

To achieve this we recommend that you involve us right from the outset – we have a reputation for attentive and expert technical communication.


Cabling is the critical element in any design or installation. The need to re-cable at the end, when it is more difficult and much more costly, must be avoided.


In any installation, where products from many companies are used, Multiload is aware that compatibility is more often than not an issue.

To this end we offer:

Telephone advice

A well as cabling and compatibility issues you may need to discuss other issues such as positioning of products, safety, or signal corruption pertaining to your particular project.

Wiring diagrams

We produce detailed wiring diagrams for each product and its related products, which can be found by accessing the technical pack for each product on our website. If dedicated wiring diagrams are required for an installation we will produce room by room wiring diagrams, for which we may charge.

Site visits

As part of our service we are always prepared to make site visits anywhere in the world, for which we reserve the right to charge.

Multiload support is first rate.

Mark Cunningham, Emcor Engineering, St Pancras Renaissance Hotel