MoodMaker Set-up Unit


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MoodMaker Set-up Unit

Multi-channel scene-setting system with up to four Scene-select Wall Plates

A sophisticated scene-setting lighting-control system that’s easy to install, easy to use, easy to maintain and requires no commissioning.

Bringing a fresh approach to lighting controls, MoodMaker Scene-setting System enables the user to be in complete control of any installation with its intuitive, simple-to-use control panel.

It provides a choice of six scenes, comprising four moods plus full ‘on’ and ‘off’, for any number of lighting channels or circuits, with extremely smooth dimming and fading.

System components

Six-Channel Master Set-up Unit (MMSU)
Up to Four Scene-select Wall Plates (MMWP)
Auxiliary Set-up Units (MMSU/AUX)
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Technical specification
Installation and Setting-up Procedure:
MoodMaker Set-up Unit
MoodMaker Auxiliaries
MoodMaker Scene-select Wall Plates
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Wiring diagrams
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Master Set-up Unit
Auxiliary Set-up Units
Scene-select Wall Plates Standard finishes:
Antique Brass MMWP-AB
Antique Bronze MMWP-BM
Polished Brass MMWP-PB
Polished Stainless MMWP-PS
Satin Stainless MMWP-SS
Satin Chrome MMWP-SC

For other finishes, other manufacturers and custom screening, please call us.

Master Set-up Unit and Auxiliary Set-up Units

  • Six-channel Master Set-up Unit comes with standard 0-10V signalling. For phase-control dimming (leading-edge or trailing-edge) see Related Products
  • Intuitive and tactile in operation. No need for programming or troubleshooting by software specialists
  • Light levels and fading times – between moods, to ‘off’, or to full brightness – are controlled by finger-adjustable pre-sets for each channel and mood
  • Simple for end-users to change brightness levels and alter fading times manually
  • Easy installation using standard cabling, with no restriction on cable length
  • Immunity to high-voltage spikes and magnetic surges
  • Remembers brightness settings after power cuts
  • Straightforward maintenance by any electrician
  • Auxiliary Units can handle any number of additional channels
  • Global input for PIRs, master switches, alarms, timers and other inputs

Additional features

  • Modular interface units enable addition of more features. These greatly increase system options. See Related Products
  • System can control LEDs or any other light source

Scene-select Wall Plates

  • Up to four Scene-select Wall Plates per system

  • Choice of six scenes, comprising four moods plus full ‘on’ and ‘off’. Suitable for any number of lighting channels or circuits, with extremely smooth dimming and fading

  • Scene selection is enabled by smooth rotation of a digital encoder which cannot be over-rotated. An LED indicator shows the scene selected

  • Can be positioned around rooms or buildings, up to 150m from Set-up Units

  • Ergonomic design, available in a wide range of finishes and styles. Standard finishes available are Antique Bronze,Antique or Polished Brass, Polished or Satin Stainless, Satin Chrome, Black, White and Gold

Bespoke versions

  • Scene-select Wall Plates can be designed to accommodate bespoke applications. Additional functions, such as push buttons or other options, can be included

  • Compatible with international plate systems – please call us to discuss

  • We are keen to assist in lighting design or wiring design and can provide comprehensive technical and installation back-up. Either email us at or call us on +44 (0) 7794 9152

MoodMaker Master Set-up Unit (MMSU)

One per installation. The Master Set-up Unit consists of a top board which plugs directly into the bottom board inside the enclosure. Further information can be found in the TechPack

Top board

Used for programming

  • Six finger-adjustable pre-sets for each of four moods
  • Three finger-adjustable pre-sets for fading between moods, fading to full
  • brightness and fading to ‘off’                        
  • Two buttons for selecting mood to be programmed
  • Two finger-adjustable pre-sets to adjust brightness shown on Scene-select Wall Plate 

Bottom board

  • Enables connection of inputs and outputs
  • Mains voltage input and output terminals
  • Channel capability – six independently adjustable lighting channels, A, B, C, D, E, F. Each channel is defined as a lighting circuit, consisting of a number of 0-10V or 1-10V dimming drives (drivers for LEDs, ballasts for fluorescents etc), all controlled by the same analogue brightness signal
  • Individual channel capacity – up to twenty 0-10V or 1-10V drives
  • Global control connection – overrides local mood selected by Scene-select Wall Plates

Auxiliary Set-up Unit (MMSU/AUX)

  • Up to three per system
  • Used to increase the number of channels for the system, with up to six additional channels per Auxiliary Set-up Unit.

Top board

  • Used for programming brightness and fade speeds of channels connected to it
  • Same finger-adjustable pre-sets as Master Set-up Unit, but without Scene-select buttons and finger-adjustable pre-sets to control LED Wall Plate brightness

Scene-select Wall Plates (MMWP-XX)

  • One-gang, screw-free plate which fits into standard UK single-gang wall boxes (minimum depth 36mm, either surface or recessed)
  • Scene-select Wall Plates connect to the top boards of Master Set-up Unit (MMSU), using simple 8-core signal or alarm cable (no screening requirement). Pluggable terminal provided
  • Up to four Scene-select Wall Plates can be paralleled together, i.e. star-wired or daisy-chained
  • Six coloured LEDs indicate scene selected. LED intensity is programmed via finger-adjustable pre-sets on Master Set-up Unit (MMSU)
  • Information on MoodMaker Scene-select Wall Plate installation and operation can be found here