Lighting scene-setting systems are regarded as essential in the commercial and high-end residential markets. However they are often over complicated, require programming and invariably involve a visit from a software specialist accompanied by your electrical contractor at some future stage.

Multiload’s MoodMaker Scene-setting System is completely different. It is simple, user-friendly and reliable. It requires no commissioning or programming visits and the end user can easily change their lighting moods when they wish.

MoodMaker Scene-setting System provides six scenes, comprising four moods plus full on and off for any number of lighting channels. Up to four Scene-select Wall Plates can be installed per system.

We provide design and installation support for all installations which use MoodMaker Scene-setting System and other Multiload products. Project specific wiring diagrams can be supplied where required. We can also advise on interfacing with third-party products.

MoodMaker Scene-setting System can be customised to suit individual project requirements – call us to discuss.

TechPacks, containing comprehensive specification, installation and wiring instructions, are available for all Multiload products. These can be downloaded from individual product pages or from Technical Information, found in the products section.