Mains Dimming and Relay Switching

Multiload offers a range of professional dimming and switching solutions for LEDs and other light sources.

All our mains dimming and switching units are designed to be located remotely from the light sources, enabling installation in electrical cupboards or suitably positioned enclosures. This offers designers far greater creative freedom and makes maintenance far easier, more cost effective and less messy for contractors.

We cater for mains dimmable loads with both trailing-edge and leading-edge phase control dimming products.

Dimming is via 0-10V or 1-10V signals from Multiload’s Rotary Wall Dimmers, MoodMaker Scene-setting System or from other manufacturers’ products.

All our mains dimming and switching units incorporate mains switching via relays or semiconductors, which switch the mains power off when the analogue signal goes below 1V.

Our Lighting Contactor LC Series allows the mains supply to a lighting circuit to be switched on and off by an isolated low-voltage signal, enabling use in safety-sensitive areas where switching to SELV standards is required.

All Lighting Contactors have individually boosted 0-10V or 1-10V outputs (sink and source) to control LED drivers and fluorescent ballasts which accept an analogue input.

TechPacks, containing comprehensive specification, installation and wiring instructions, are available for all Multiload products. These can be downloaded from individual product pages or from Technical Information, found in the products section.