General Control Unit MGCU

Bespoke control solutions for lighting and Building Management Systems

The Multiload General Control Unit (MGCU) provides custom control solutions, for independent operation and in conjunction with other systems.

Bespoke solutions, in both the domestic and commercial environment, include sophisticated lighting control, as well as securing doors and operating window blinds, and integration with lighting and ventilation and other Building Management Systems.

The MGCU is a DIN rail mounted product with multiple digital and analogue inputs, with logical outputs for low and high current drive. At its heart is a microprocessor programmed to incorporate the logic determined by the customer in discussion with Multiload. 

The MGCU can be reprogrammed in situ, so that functionality can be updated once the unit has been installed. 

Multiload also provide a solution package which can provide:

1. No service contract. Just help and advice as and when required 
2. Site visits by our engineers
3. Commissioning by our engineers.
4. In stock holding of spare parts, ready for immediate shipment    


The following three case studies demonstrate how the MGCU can be used to provide solutions to three very different control requirements. 

The Amanera Resort. Dominican Republic

The Amanera Resort offers luxury residential accommodation in its exclusive pavilions situated on a stunningly beautiful Playa Grande beach in the Dominican Republic.

All the windows in the villas include glass doors, each with a black-out blind as well as a sheer blind. The requirement is that when one blind is being used the other blind is not to be lowered. In addition, due to the likelihood of high winds severely damaging the blinds when the doors are left open, the client required the controls to prevent this happening

The solution. Multiload designed and produced a unique control system, to work with the existing inputs of the installed BMS, to ensure that the blinds would not be damaged. 

Included with the logic controls for the blinds were door lock mechanisms to prevent room doors being opened while the blinds were down. 

When a request to open the door is detected, the system ensures that the blinds are raised to a safe position before releasing the lock. See here for more information

The Berkeley Hotel. Knightsbridge, London

This superior hotel required a bespoke control system to ensure security and safety for the Butler’s Box, provided for the convenience of guests. 

Each Butler’s Box was fitted with two doors. One door opened inside the room, into which the guest could deposit clothes or such items which needed the attention of a Butler. The other opened onto the service corridor. 

The solution. When items are placed in the Butler’s Box, an indicator light is activated in the service corridor to alert staff that an item has been placed in the box. When the item is then returned to the Butler’s Box, another indicator light, positioned inside the guest room alerts the guest that the item has now been returned. 

The MGCU ensures that one door is always securely locked before allowing the other door to be opened. The MGCU detects signals from button pushes to switch on indicator lights and to ensure that security is maintained at all times for guests.

Private Residence with a ‘Jack and Jill’ Bathroom

The guest en-suite in a private house had two entrances – one from the bedroom and the other from a corridor. A system was required that allowed the bathroom to be used by all house guests without encountering potentially embarrassing situations.

The solution. Using electrically operated locks, built into the frame of the doors, the MGCU can check whether doors are open or closed, locked or unlocked. Multiload provided an automatic closing mechanism for the corridor door and a PIR detector in the bathroom. 

When both doors are closed and the PIR does not detect anybody in the bathroom, the MGCU ensures that both doors remain unlocked. 

The en-suite guest can leave their bathroom door open or closed as they wish, and the MGCU ensures the corridor door remains locked when the bedroom door is open.

Whenever the corridor door is opened, the en-suite door will be locked.

Discreet LED indicator lights are situated outside the bathroom doors to indicate if the bathroom is occupied.

The lighting and ventilation control required that the ventilation would start at a defined time after the bathroom was occupied and continue for a defined period after the bathroom was empty. The lighting control required the lights to be activated as soon as the bathroom was occupied and the lights switched off at the same time as the ventilation. 

With its ample processing power, a single Multiload MGCU could control the door locking requirements and all the lighting and ventilation control requirements. 

As well as bespoke control solutions, Multiload provided complex dimming solutions for the rest of the house.

Electrical Specification

Power supply 
Supply Voltage: 15V-30V DC 
Supply current: 50mA plus any required Output

11 digital inputs

Input Resistance: >100kohm 
Logic levels: 0V to -2V +/- 100mV

1 analogue input
Input resistance: 10kohms
Analogue range: 0-5V (5V supplied by MGCU)

2 High DC current outputs  
Max output: 1A @Supply Voltage

2 LED Outputs
Max Output: 50mA @2V

6 Logic outputs
Output function: Open collector (0V)
Current: 100mA maximum    

Mechanical specification    
Supplied in a DIN rail enclosure: 158mm x 91mm x 59mm

Environmental specification
Temperature environment: -10 – +50ºC
Humidity: Up to 95% non-condensing