St Patrick's Church Soho

St Patrick's Church Soho


The £3.5m restoration project at St Patrick’s Church, a Grade II listed building with a sumptuous and ornate interior, presented many challenges. Multiload successfully overcame these using MoodMaker and VoltMaster products.

The Brief 

Amongst the challenges, lighting had to be installed discreetly while illuminating the building to its fullest potential. The lighting designers, Jin-Yee Lim’s Liminaires, felt that LED lighting was not yet ready for this type of application, so IRC low-voltage halogen and cold cathode lighting was specified. The solution would need to be one that could drive and control this, while at the same time ensuring future-proofing against subsequent developments in lamp technology.

The Solution 

Multiload was chosen because their products were considered to be “the only ones up to the task”. Many lamps needed to be hidden from view. Lamps also had to be installed in inaccessible places or at high level, some as high as 10m. Cable runs in excess of 30m were needed between the lamps and transformers. These requirements were achieved using VoltMaster, which also meant that lamp life was greatly extended and stabilised voltage to halogen loads was maintained at all times. Multiload’s MoodMaker Scene-Setting System was used to control and manage both analogue dimmers and cold cathode drivers.

MoodMaker is simple for users, in this case church staff, to operate. The ease with which lighting scenes could be configured and communicated to others was a particular attraction. It is reliable too, obviating the need for engineers to visit for costly configuration and maintenance. Noise is minimised, thanks to the absence of dimming electronics in the sensitive setting of the nave.

Multiload’s products offer excellent value for money, enabling the creation of a highly reliable and effective lighting environment within challenging surroundings

Jin-Yee, Jin-Yee Lim’s Liminaires