St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel


The Marriott St Pancras Renaissance Hotel is an iconic Victorian building, restored to its magnificent former glory. Already a national landmark, it became an instant hit. Every day thousands of visitors enjoy sympathetic yet innovative lighting, achieved by AECOM’s design team with Multiload’s support.

The Brief 

Lighting the refurbished St Pancras Hotel presented a major challenge. The lighting designers had to tread a fine line between preserving the historic mood of the building’s many spaces and updating them for modern hotel use. Each area called for a distinct approach and custom work had to be commissioned from many suppliers. Because the building is listed, the lighting designers would find few concealment options for the lighting controls and control gear, forcing them to seek remote siting solutions.

The Solution 

AECOM chose products which they felt were essential to create the beautiful lighting now adorning the hotel. They specified Multiload products, which would achieve all the required lighting options while at the same time meeting the need to position controls and drive units remotely.

These included MoodMaker Scene-Setting System, VoltMaster, and high-power dimmers. MoodMaker, with its intuitive, simple-to-use control panel and wall plates, provided lighting-level scene control within the public spaces - easily operated by hotel staff. Multiload also produced a bespoke 150VA miniature VoltMaster to help realise AECOM’s ambitious lantern design and manufactured a brand new scene-select wall plate for the Royal Suite. These products are future-proofed to cater for changes in lamp technology and, being grouped together remotely, greatly simplify maintenance.

I wanted something powerful, configurable and which, once set, would remain 100% stable. The project required some unique solutions and Multiload provided exactly the bespoke service required. All the fine area-lighting scene-controls are via their MoodMaker, and special VoltMaster transformers were designed to meet the needs of the chandeliers and accent lighting. I am extremely happy with the results.

Martin Valentine, former Lighting Group Director, AECOM