The Pavilion, Lord's Cricket Ground

The Pavilion, Lord's Cricket Ground


Lighting three of the most famous rooms in cricket, The Long Room, Committee Room and Writing Room at Lord’s, was part of a major restoration of the historic Grade II listed Pavilion.

The Brief 

The challenge for Lighting Design International was to provide Lord’s with interesting and appropriate lighting for its historic listed buildings. As well as being used by players, The Long Room had to be an attractive venue used by MCC members, spectators, tourists, and for corporate events. As part of the brief, a unique picture-lighting track system was required. This would be remote-controlled by a curator, using a programmable architectural control system so that pictures could be illuminated for sightseeing tours. The track had to be flexible, too, so that lights could be added or subtracted when required to suit changing art exhibits. Transformers could not be located in the rooms for aesthetic reasons and they had to accommodate variable loads.

The Solution 

VoltMaster was chosen for the project because it could be remotely located up to 50m away from the light source. This meant the transformers required to provide a low-voltage supply to the track could be located outside the rooms and concealed some distance from them. Lighting Design International’s Chris Lewis commented, “This is where VoltMaster came into its own. VoltMaster was also chosen because it is self-regulating and can sense and adjust to variable loads. This means when fittings are added or taken away from the track the set light level is faithfully maintained.”

We have used VoltMaster before with great success and are very happy with its performance

Chris Lewis, Lighting Design International